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About us

What are you looking for in a printer?

It’s about Partnership.

If you came to this website, chances are good that you already know a lot about printing. You’ve purchased it many times before — from local vendors to online suppliers. You know to check for quality, price, and turn time. And no doubt a fair number of printers met all your criteria. Maybe all your criteria, but one.

From experience, we believe it’s likely your unchecked box is titled Partnership: printer as team member. In other words, you’ve not found a printer that steps into your project like a reliable member of your own company or team. How great would it be — every time — to hand off a project confident that the final product would outstrip even your expectations?

If your current printer already possesses that rare quality — a genuine business partner — congratulations. No need to continue reading. Miklis has no desire to disrupt a good relationship. If, however, the printer/partner relationship is something you wish for but never fully believed was possible, good news: you’re home. Your new partner is Miklis.

Miklis Printing, Inc. is a premier print and design firm serving clients across Dallas and Fort Worth. Since 1972, we’ve grown to specialize in quality, sheet-fed projects from concept to distribution. We take pride in the work we produce and the relationships we’ve built for nearly 40 years. We don’t consider the quality our clients expect demanding. It’s simply wanting a job the way it should be — right…the first time.

From concept and design, to printing, bindery, and fulfillment, Miklis provides turn-key print solutions. You need to communicate something but you’re unsure how it should look or what it should say? We have you covered. Is your project fully designed and you have art files ready for press? We can take it from there.

It’s time you looked good on paper

Our Process

While each step is critical to the total process, each is unique. Our staff brings a wealth of experience to each phase of printing ensuring the final results are predictable — a quality, visually aesthetic, compelling product.

Concept & Design

It’s about more than looking good — your print piece has to set an image that’s right for you, your products, and your services. It must stay consistent with your branding. There is a universal, intangible quality about good design — it’s compelling. Our designers approach each project by exploring the objectives of the printed piece: the target audience, the needed results, the desired longevity of the piece, the method of distribution. Once the objectives are obtained, the creative process begins. We create visually finished concepts for your review to ensure the correct path is being traveled, and the process continues until you have an approved design that fulfills your needs.

Support for Agencies & Marketers

Marketing consultants, agencies and independent advertisers often turn to us to extend their design teams. We are about your mission — whether it’s adhering to a prescribed style manual, augmenting an existing logo to form a brand, or simply designing a single piece that may have been overlooked in an overall campaign. Whatever the need, we are your partners — here to serve.

Printing Process

Miklis Printing is equipped to handle a variety of press sheets and run lengths meaning that gives us the flexibility to match your printed piece to the most cost-efficient press: single to full-color work with coatings, up to six colors in a single pass, from small to large format — up to 40 inches. We produce quality work facilitated by our Heidelberg presses and backed by our direct-to-plate digital workflow. For even shorter runs and variable data needs, we turn to digital to keep the cost in line and the one-to-one target marketing on time.

Quality equipment is one thing, but no machine or technology can outshine our people. Equipment is only as good as the men and women using them to make the finished piece a standout. Miklis is proud of our craftspersons that manage the nuance factors from registration and match color, to consistent press sheets from beginning to end, to the utilization of quality environmental friendly materials. Our facility and our staff reflect a commitment to your success.


A printed press sheet looks nice but until it finished, and finished well, it’s going nowhere. Cutting, folding, stitching, gluing, die cutting, embossing, foil stamping, wiro or perfect binding… whatever the piece requires, our bindery service will complete the job with the same commitment and critical eye that was there at its inception.

Fulfillment & Mailing

From pick and pack to collating to inserting and addressing, whatever your finished piece requires our staff sees it through to completion. Even if it is just a delivery to a designated destination, the job is not complete until it’s in your hands ready to be put to its intended use.

Over many jobs and through many years, I’ve grown completely confident that Miklis Printing will take the extra steps, go to extra pains — and supply any thinking I may have overlooked — for a final product with no regrets. I’d go nowhere else.

Nancy LovellPartner, Lovell-Fairchild Communications

Miklis Printing has been our company’s preferred printer of choice over the past 10 years. After working with both small and large printing companies over the years I am so very appreciative of Miklis Printing’s commitment and consistency to providing customer service. Get to know Miklis first hand. Your expectations will be exceeded — which has been the repetitive experience with our company.

James L. HarrisPresident, Grand Energy

Since 2003, Miklis Printing has been a valuable partner of Gateway Church. From our humble beginnings in a movie theater, to our five campuses throughout the Metroplex, Miklis has adapted to meet our printing needs and has proven to be a reliable, trustworthy resource to all our ministries. Without question, their staff shares our heart for ministry and they’re a pleasure to work with.

Shane DenneheyArt Director, Gateway Church
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